Quickie Salsa M2

Jive M2

Starting Price - £4495

The next evolution in powered wheelchair performance and style

The new QUICKIE Salsa M2 powered wheelchair effortlessly balances superb indoor manoeuvrability with outstanding outdoor performance and sleek design. With an ultra-compact turning circle and base, the Salsa M2 is great for narrow or confined spaces.  Getting under tables or in/out of vehicles is easy with its lower-than-ever seat to floor height (from 43 cm). When outdoors, you’re always ensured of a smooth and stable ride with the all-wheel suspension and anti-pitch technology – not to mention a stylish ride with 4 eye-catching body colours and a beautiful design that’s sure to turn heads.

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Seat Width: 410mm - 510mm (41cm - 51cm)
Seat Depth: 410mm - 510mm (41cm - 51cm)
Overall Width: 610mm (2-pole motors), 620mm (4-pole motors / (61cm (2-pole motors), 62cm (4-pole motors)
Speed: 6kph and 10 kph
Battery Size: 60 and 70 Ah
Max. Range: 32 km with 60 Ah
Turning Radius: Max. 67cm with 70 Degree Swing-Away Hangers
Max Kerb Climb: 70mm (7cm)
Max. User Weight: 140 kg (22 stone)
Colours: 4 Colours