Quickie Salsa M

Salsa M

Starting from - £4595

The perfect combination of indoor manoeuvrability and outdoor performance

With its mid-wheel drive technology, the Quickie Salsa M electric powered wheelchair is able to deliver an extremely compact turning circle, allowing for great indoor manoeuvrability. The Salsa M, due to its tighter turning circle, is more intuitive to drive, as you don’t need to consider additional space for swinging the powerchair around. A narrow width and very low seat height ensures that you’re able to navigate through doorways and confined spaces effortlessly all while maintaining a sleek design. When travelling outdoors, Quickie’s all-wheel independent suspension and anti-pitch technology ensures stability and safety at all times.

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Seat Width: 410mm - 510mm (41cm - 51cm)
Seat Height: 400mm - 470mm (40cm - 47cm)
Seat Depth: 410mm - 510mm (41cm - 51cm)
Backrest Height: 460mm - 510mm (46cm - 51cm)
Armrest Height: 220mm - 310mm (22cm - 31cm)
Overall Width: 600mm (60cm)
Overall Length: 1100mm (110cm)
Frame: Rigid
Speed: 6 and 10 kph
Battery Size: 50 Ah
Max. Range: 26 km
Seat Tilt: Mechanical: 0˚ - 9˚; Powered: 0° - 30° / optional -5° - +25°
Back Recline: Powered: 0° - 30°
Turning Radius: 610 mm (61cm)
Max. Safe Slope:
Max Kerb Climb: 75mm (7.5cm)
Electronics: VR2 as standard with two actutors plus lights & indicators. R-net LED with six actuator control plus lights & indicators (option).
Min. Wheelchair Weight: 113 kg
Max. User Weight: 140 kg (22 stone)
Colours: Red