Quickie Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo

Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo

Starting Price - £10500

Take your seat and experience the new revolution in powered wheelchairs!

The Quickie Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo redefines powered wheelchair technology, inside and out. Unparalleled outdoor performance combined with the ultimate indoor manoeuvrability, the Jive M² Sedeo Ergo not only makes it possible to have the best of both worlds – it also combines it with a revolutionary seating system to meet your every demand.

The Jive M2 carries a sporty, classic design with the most advanced powerbase on the market and a biometric seating system which allows you to remain naturally positioned through reclining and de-reclining. This powerchair also contains the technology of bluetooth and infrared to connect with the world from your chair.

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Seat Width: 40 – 56 cm (in 2 cm steps)
Seat Height: 44.5 – 48 cm
Seat Depth: 40 – 56 cm (in 2 cm steps)
Backrest Height: 51 cm – 61 cm
Overall Width: 62 cm
Overall Length: 107 cm
Speed: 6 kph, 10 kph (optional) &13 kph (optional)
Battery Size: 60 Ah; 70 Ah (optional)
Max. Range: 40 km (with 70 Ah batteries & 6 kph motors, dependant on distance profile, user weight and electrical options
Seat Tilt: 0° to 50°; -5° to 45° (optional)
Back Recline: 85° to 175° (powered)
Turning Radius: From 160 kg (including batteries)
Max. Safe Slope: 10°
Max Kerb Climb: 10 cm
Electronics: R-net controller; lights & indicators
Max. User Weight: 160 kg