Quickie Jive M

Jive M

Starting Price - £6450

The ultimate powered wheelchair driving experience

Quickie Jive M, the mid wheel drive powered wheelchair with indoor agility and ultimate outdoor high performance. Turning on its own axis, its ultra-small turning circle, narrow width and low seat-to-floor height gives excellent manoeuvrability indoors

Going out? SpiderTrac suspension helps to navigate onto and over steep transitions without jolts, forward pitching or instability. With expandable controls, 13kph top speed, 60/70 Ah batteries and up to 40km range, high performance power will always be at your fingertips with JIVE.

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Seat Width: 400mm - 560mm (40cm - 56cm)
Seat Height: 420mm - 480mm (42cm - 48cm)
Seat Depth: 400mm - 560mm (40cm - 56cm)
Backrest Height: 570mm - 700mm (57cm - 70cm)
Armrest Height: 180mm - 280mm (18cm - 28cm)
Overall Width: 620mm - 660mm (62cm - 66cm)
Overall Length: 1070mm - 1130mm (107cm - 113cm)
Frame: -
Speed: 6,10 and 13 kph
Battery Size: 60 Ah / 72 Ah
Max. Range: Approx 40 km
Seat Tilt: 0º- +30º / 0º -+ 50º
Back Recline: -10º -+ 40º
Turning Radius: min. 560mm (min. 56cm)
Max. Safe Slope: 18%
Max Kerb Climb: 100mm (10cm)
Electronics: -
Min. Wheelchair Weight: 115-187 KG
Max. User Weight: 160 kg (25.2 stone)
Colours: White, red and blue